MIA MORETTI: Summer Vibrations

Here comes the summer! Fashion鈥檚 favourite DJ Mia Moretti takes a break from the party circuit to curate our first ever M路A路C Tracks playlist

Each season, M路A路C Tracks invites our favourite party-starters to handpick a selection of their favourite tunes to bring you unexpected moments of listening delight.

Our first stylish selector to step up is musical style muse DJ Mia Moretti. To get us in the mood for summer, we asked Mia to tap her signature desert party vibe for this very special 鈥淪ummer Vibrations鈥 playlist鈥 over 60 cuts of sassy, groovy goodness heavy on the old-school cool and glam of 50s and 60s Palm Springs.

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DJ Mia Moretti's Top 21 Summer Sizzlers, In Her Own Words

All of these can be found on Mia鈥檚 Summer Vibrations playlist 鈥 click the player above and
get your summer on!

1. 鈥淛ungle Fever鈥 鈥 Louie Vega. A classic tune that鈥檚 groovy enough to get your neighbors over to your house for a sip and a swim.

2. 鈥淟ying in the Sun鈥 鈥 Koushik. Koushik's hazy hip hop infused with 60s psych-pop makes this new record a timeless classic for desert drives and poolside serenades.

3. 鈥淎in鈥檛 That A Kick In The Head鈥 鈥 Dean Martin. Part of the original Rat Pack, Dean Martin made Palm Springs the place it is today. Infused with the sort of old Hollywood glamour you just can't get anywhere else.

4. 鈥淭wiste et chante鈥 鈥 Sylvie Vartan. Because let's face it, the 60s sound better in French!

5. 鈥淪ugar Town鈥 鈥 Nancy Sinatra. This is the first song that came to me when I thought of the sound of my collection, aptly the bubblegum pink lip hue is named in honour of Ms. Sinatra herself.

6. 鈥淚tsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini鈥 鈥 Brian Hyland. Hands down the best song to launch you out of your winter wear and into your itsy bitsy.

7. 鈥淚 Got You Babe鈥 鈥 Sonny & Cher. Sonny & Cher are the perfect pair to complement any occasion, or outfit.

8. 鈥淟ost In Paradise鈥 鈥 Caetano Veloso. Slim Aaron's exemplar photographs of Palm Springs, Cote d'Azur and Southern Italy thoughout the 50s and 60s, are the image of paradise. Set to the soundtrack of Caetano Veloso you could close your eyes and travel back to that outstanding time and place.

9. 鈥淪ummer Wind鈥 鈥 Frank Sinatra. Palm Springs is known for hot days and windy nights, this Frank Sinatra track is the essence of Palm Springs and these Summer Winds.

10. 鈥淕ood As New鈥 鈥 Vacationer. Any band that falls under the genre Nu-Hula seems like an apt fit for this summer playlist. Give it a listen, preferably with a spritz in hand.

11. 鈥淎 Summer Thing鈥 鈥 Cayucos. Named coyly after the coastal beach town, Cayucos reinterprets 60s surf rock and captures the nostalgia of sunny California.

12. 鈥淪tars (Hold On) (Penguin Prison Remix)鈥 鈥 Youngblood Hawke. One of my favourite new bands for the summer, it's perfect for the end of the weekend when you're not quit ready to go home鈥

13. 鈥淧each鈥 鈥 Prince. I wanted my M路A路C Collection to be full of easy to wear natural hues like peach and pink. I named my Casual Colour pot She's A Peach, after this iconic Prince song. 

14. 鈥淚t Was A Very Good Year鈥 鈥 Della Reese. Della Reese reinterprets this classic Frank Sinatra song and floods it with soul.

15. 鈥淗ip Hug-Her鈥 鈥 Booker T & The MGs. One of the great soul influences in the 60s, Booker T & The MGs is prime summer vibration.

16. 鈥淐oconut Woman鈥 鈥 Harry Belafonte. Harry Belafonte paints the most delightful image of summer with this vivid and phantasmal song, about coconuts at that!

17. 鈥淐rawfish (Pilooski Edit)鈥 鈥 Elvis Presley. Pilooski always reminds us why oldies are goodies, and the best ones never get old.

18. 鈥淢arilyn's Gold鈥 鈥 Jacques Renault. Jacques Renault is one of my favourite NY DJs, he blends the vintage and new worlds perfectly in this solo release.

19. 鈥淚 Need Love鈥 鈥 Hot Toddy. This dark disco track is perfect for long summer nights that turn to mornings.

20. 鈥淟es Rita Mitsouko鈥 鈥 Andy. This 70s French pop song has just enough drama and just enough attitude to keep it relevant 40 years after it was produced.

21. 鈥淰itamin C鈥 鈥 Can. This bouncy tune from 1972 has made its way on many soundtracks including this year鈥檚 instant cult classic Inherent Vice, its infamous lyric "Hey you! You're losing your vitamin C" is a friendly push to get us out under that beautiful California sun, put SPF first!